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Constructive Candor

Can Complete Streets and Freight Mobility Coexist?: The Evolution of Main Street

We’ve all experienced it, driving along a highway at 55mph when the speed suddenly drops to 25mph and you’ve arrived at Any Town, America. This town may be a tourist destination or just another blink along your route, but while there you will surely find some form of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment along the way to entice you to stop, visit, and spend. This is because we built our communities around transportation routes starting with wagon trails, then railroads, followed by streets and highways.

Punch the Gas Tax - What Does It Cost You?

Lawmakers are in the news lately with transportation funding packages that include an increased gas tax. In Washington State, an additional gas tax was passed that will make its tax the third highest in the country. As with most tax issues, folks typically line up on their respective side of the aisle for or against it. As an advocate for transportation infrastructure, I'd encourage you to take a look at the numbers and decide....does it seem like a fair price to you?


Practical Solutions: Solving the Right Problem

With infrastructure aging while traffic volumes grow, agencies are continually pressed to upgrade roadway infrastructure. Unfortunately, transportation funding has not kept up with inflation or the cost of construction materials, and while most people recognize this problem, our nation hasn’t yet found the willpower to change course.


Getting Ahead of the LID Curve

Recently, Paul Harmsen wrote a blog post about Low Impact Development (LID) Implementation in Washington with important dates when the new standards will take effect. While the new standards apply only to Washington for now, other states are certain to follow suit. For many agencies, the new regulations will mean a lot of work added to staff members who already have full plates. Fortunately, we know the requirements are coming, and the best way to streamline and simplify the process is to be prepared.


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