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Constructive Candor

Practical Solutions: Solving the Right Problem

With infrastructure aging while traffic volumes grow, agencies are continually pressed to upgrade roadway infrastructure. Unfortunately, transportation funding has not kept up with inflation or the cost of construction materials, and while most people recognize this problem, our nation hasn’t yet found the willpower to change course.


Getting Ahead of the LID Curve

Recently, Paul Harmsen wrote a blog post about Low Impact Development (LID) Implementation in Washington with important dates when the new standards will take effect. While the new standards apply only to Washington for now, other states are certain to follow suit. For many agencies, the new regulations will mean a lot of work added to staff members who already have full plates. Fortunately, we know the requirements are coming, and the best way to streamline and simplify the process is to be prepared.


Think Beyond the Automobile

There’s something wrong with how we are taught to approach street design in America. The conventional transportation mindset dictates high speed and level of service for cars over long distances, which requires large arterial roads. Unfortunately, this approach ignores other modes of transportation such as bicycling and walking. While there’s a lot of talk about complete streets these days, I believe too often the conversation is still focused on cars.


What’s the Solution? Practical Solutions!

There is a lot of discussion lately about our aging transportation infrastructure, and the biggest hurdle seems to be the cost associated with potential projects and the struggle to fund them. As I watch these news stories, I find myself trying to problem-solve and almost always end on Practical Solutions.


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