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Constructive Candor

Are Your Storm Facilities Eye Sores or Amenities?

Stormwater facilities for new developments are generally required by code to treat and detain stormwater to at least pre-development conditions. In urban spaces, dense with paved and hard surfaces, it is imperative to treat stormwater to improve water quality and slow runoff. In many cases, storm facilities are viewed as a loss of developable land that cuts into your profit margins. Just because your engineering consultants are mandated to manage the water to a pre-development state, doesn’t mean your stormwater facilities have to look engineered! Storm facilities can actually be amenities that, when thoughtfully designed, will contribute to the visual quality of your development. Storm ponds can be beautiful first and yet still be functional and code compliant.


Is Your Storm Facility a Buried Treasure?

It's a wonderful dream – you stumble across a long-lost map that points the way to a hidden chest of riches. Grab a shovel and start digging!


To Build a Village

We’ve all heard the old saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Today, I wanted to write about what my experience has taught me about what it takes to build a village.


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