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Constructive Candor

It's All in How You Sell It (Tip #8 in Your PI Toolbox)

Your tool kit is complete. You have your marketing/outreach plan, a brand for the project, a website to share what's happening with your project, a database to record who you spoke with, duct tape to ensure you listen completely, tennis shoes to help you connect in person, and a partner in the media to broadcast the stories you collect. Now what? It's time to sell.    


Partner with the Media (Tip #7 in PI Toolbox)

Many of us will readily admit to having anxiety when receiving press inquiries regarding a controversial project.  I am sure you immediately envision drawing a blank on live television.  Or in your nervousness you begin to talk and you realize nothing is ever "off the record."  Breaking into a cold sweat yet?  This doesn’t have to be a scary experience.  In fact, the advantages far outweigh the temporary heart palpitations.


Use Duct Tape (Tip #6 in PI Toolbox)

Duct tape was originally invented to tightly bind together two objects. This tape was made differently from the standard scotch tape or masking tape. Developed to be durable, stronger and more reliable. You just couldn't break this tape. Did you know as a Public Involvement facilitator you may need to use duct tape to accomplish your job? 


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