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Constructive Candor

Is Your Storm Facility a Buried Treasure?

It is a wonderful dream – you stumble across a long-lost map that points the way to a hidden chest of riches. Grab a shovel and start digging!


Are You Guilty of Construction Management Neglect?

"I don't need construction management, the county is inspecting everything."


The Eight Traits of Successful Developers: Trait #8

Several years ago, after finally gaining approval for a large master plan project that required several city council and planning commission meetings, a client and I shared more than a couple beers over absurdly large steaks and talked about why we do this work. He was very successful and a veteran of many projects. I have always been interested in soaking in his experience and knowledge.


The Eight Traits of Successful Developers: Trait #7

Don’t you wish you could time the stock market to sell at the peak? Doesn’t everyone want to know when to get off the rollercoaster before the next freefall so we can maximize our return on investment? That’s the dream, to predict the market, and developers are no different when it comes to the land development market. Well, most developers are no different.


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