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Stakeholder Database Made Easy (Tip #4 in PI Toolbox)

One important element of your Public Involvement effort is keeping track of all your project’s stakeholders. This can be especially vital when project funding and environmental processes require specific public outreach notifications (ex: SEPA or NEPA requirements). This is a task that can quickly become overwhelming once you consider your complete stakeholder list and additional information you are wanting to keep track of, such as:

  • Personal contact information
  • Address and location information
  • Attendance at project events
  • Distribution of project collateral
  • Other correspondence or specific interaction

A thorough and consistent stakeholder database is key in order to utilize it as the vast information tool it is. A complete database is full of great statistics and facts regarding your project achievements as well as an important historical reference.  In the video below I share a database program that we use called Smartsheet that we have found great success in. It integrates well with Google Mail, can easily be exported into multiple other formats, and also allows for all of your project team to view the most updated information regarding your stakeholder outreach in real time. This feature can be invaluable, especially if you have more than one point of contact for stakeholders to reach out to with questions and concerns. 

I'd love to hear from you about tools you have used to track your stakeholder outreach.  Call, email, or message me on Linkedin.  

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Creating a Project Website (Tip #3 in PI Toolbox)

Keeping your stakeholders and the community informed of project status updates can be daunting; especially if you have several means of communicating with them:  i.e. social media, print material, agency website, etc. One great way to ensure consistent messaging while maintaining current real time information about the project to the greater community and stakeholders is to establish a project website.  This website can easily link to your agency site so that it’s easy to find.

In Tip # 3 of our Public Involvement Toolbox, I’m going to walk you through five misconceptions of this underestimated and valuable tool.  


Brand Your Public Involvement Project (Tip #2 in PI Toolbox)

In our previous post from our PI Toolbox Series, we shared with you Step 1 - Developing a Marketing Plan. Now, we will be discussing establishing a “brand” for your project. 

These tips will assist you in connecting with stakeholders and garnering public attention. Brands are powerful for communicating the purpose of your project and the goals you hope to achieve.

The following are 5 steps we recommend you follow to support your public involvement effort:

1.  What’s in a name? 

Project names for agency contracts can often be technical in nature and too descriptive. Create a short, memorable phrase that is “catchy” and will represent the goals of the project. Use the phrase anytime you reference the project in public and as a team. The media will likely pick it up and use it as well.


Build Your Public Involvement Roadmap by Asking 5 Simple Questions (Tip #1 in PI Toolbox)

Last month I shared the most important PI Tool is the power of connection. I also committed to sharing Public Involvement tips that will offer insight and suggestions to create and add to your Public Involvement toolbox.  Let's start with Tip #1!


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