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Solar Flare May Cause GPS Issues Through the Weekend

  • Jered McGrath
  • Sep 11, 2014 6:24:20 PM
  • Energy

There was a large solar flare that happened yesterday pushing what is called a CME storm towards earth. When this type of storm hits our satellites and atmosphere there is increased noise and errors in the GPS signals. It's not know how much or when this will hit but predictions put it late today, andtomorrow for most of it.

If you need to use GPS during this time.  Check, Double Check and then check again during and after your work. If static sessions need to be ran it's best to double the amount of time needed and in some cases it may not be worth it at all to use it.

In contrast CME storms are what cause bright colorful aurora's in the northern sky. When big storms like this hit, aurora's can be seen further south such as our region. Aurora's are always best captured in long exposure photography or video.


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