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Are you Pro-Actively Tracking?


A0024_N5_webviewIn my last blog post entitled "Are we ready for the Hydropower Wave" I touched on how our existing hydro infrastructure is reaching the limits of its intended life and how there is a huge need to reinvest in this important regional resource. I also posed several difficult questions aimed at provoking thoughts and ideas about how the region plans to rejuvenate hydro plants and transmission systems with mounting pressure on shrinking or stagnant capital budgets. One of the keys to keeping ahead of this curve is to have a solid and well-managed maintenance and equipment tracking system that will save you time and capital dollars by improving the timing and replacement of these critical pieces of electrical and ancillary equipment at your facilities.


Is Your Safety Plan Translating From the Page to the Field?

Raleigh Scaffolding Collapse Kills 3 Construction Workers

Three construction workers were killed and another seriously injured late Monday morning when an exterior lift system tore from the side of an office building under construction in downtown Raleigh.

A witness, LeRoy Kelley, said workers were dismantling a "mast climber" on the 11-story  Charter Square Building on Fayetteville Street when the elevator-like system collapsed, sending a mobile scaffolding platform to the ground.

Officials with the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Division took control of the Charter Square site, halting construction.


Take the Critical Path Less Traveled: Two Simple Project Schedule Checks

Last year I wrote an article called Two Simple Checks to Verify the Validity of Your Project's Schedule. With the prime construction season just around the corner, I thought this would be a great time to offer those tips once again. I hope you find them helpful!


Are We Ready for the Hydropower Wave?

The aging of our transportation infrastructure gets most of the press these days, but often overlooked is the fact that our hydropower infrastructure is in the same state of decay. It’s an issue that won’t go away and that could lead to catastrophic consequences if not addressed. A pending wave of capital rehabilitation needs could be on the horizon. Will we be ready?

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