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Remember 1993 When the Gas Tax was Last Raised?

With tax day in our rear view mirror for this year, it seems a fitting time to talk about taxes for the road ahead of us – literally the road ahead of us: our nation’s transportation system.

When talking transportation infrastructure funding, it’s talked about in millions (or billions) of dollars. And to tackle this growing problem, the primary source of funding is the gas tax. When talking gas tax, it’s talked about in cents per gallon.

In a previous post, I had tried to personalize what the gas tax really means to an individual driver using Washington State as a case study. In this post, I’d like to personalize another aspect of the gas tax. That aspect is the year 1993, which is significant because that is the last year the federal gas tax was increased.

Please join me on a trip down memory lane, 1993 style:



I’d like to hear your thoughts on the gas tax and what you think we can do to improve our failing transportation infrastructure. Please leave a comment below.

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