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Constructive Candor

Understanding Recreation Facility Maintenance is the First Step of Design


Long term maintenance needs and costs are often overlooked when designing recreation facilities. Prior to starting design work, you should evaluate maintenance budgets and capabilities. We see facilities that require labor intensive maintenance (extensive mowing, watering) and  the use of harmful chemicals to keep the landscape healthy. This approach costs money and has detrimental environmental impacts that can and should be avoided.


3 Keys for Successful Mitigation in Harsh Climates

For almost every shoreline recreation facility we have completed, the reviewing agencies have required mitigation for the impacts as part of the permit approval process. Many of these projects are located in harsh climates with unrelenting heat, fluctuating reservoir levels, and high winds during the growing season. Permits normally require plant monitoring and replacement to meet specific survivability ratios, which is no easy task in harsh climates.

In my experience, there are three keys to providing successful mitigation in these areas.


A Lesson Worth Repeating: 4 Factors to Consider Before You Start Your Recreation Design Project

Recreation facilities are vital components of a hydropower system because they're how the public most directly connects with your work. Having designed many recreation facilities myself over the years, I've learned some valuable lessons, one of which is that starting the project correctly is key to success in the end. I'd like to once again share a helpful post I originally wrote last year, because in my experience this is a lesson worth repeating.