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Constructive Candor

Inspection Services - Which end of the spectrum are you on?

Inspection services come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes offering a range of services, deliverables, and values. A disturbing trend that I see occurring more and more often is the “staffing agency” approach to inspection services. My opinion (based on years of observation) is that this approach undermines the overall quality process by not providing real value.


Don’t Get Caught Flat-Footed after Notice to Proceed: Pitfall #2

Issuing Notice to Proceed is exciting - you finally get to see your long-dreamed project take shape. But the first two weeks after Notice to Proceed can be fraught with project-delaying challenges if they sneak up on you. Last time I talked about the first pitfall that can arise after issuing Notice to Proceed: unanticipated or differing site conditions. In this post I’ll talk about the second: delayed contractor submittals.


Don’t Get Caught Flat-Footed after Notice to Proceed: Pitfall #1

After years of planning, designing, and permitting your project, you’re finally ready to begin construction and issue the Notice to Proceed (NTP). It’s a big moment. Then a week later you’re contacted by your inspector, who tells you the contractor has stopped working and is threatening to submit a Notice of Changed Conditions. You have very little time to get up to speed and decide on a course of action. What will you do?


Who's Inspecting Your Project? Why Less Experience can be Better

The quality process on construction projects generally consists of Quality Control (owned and executed by the construction contractors) and Quality Assurance (performed by the owner or owner’s representative). As the owner, the one piece of the quality process you have the most control over is Quality Assurance. If you’ve experienced results that were less than what you were hoping for, I suggest taking a closer look at how Quality Assurance is being executed and, more specifically, who is executing it.


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