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Constructive Candor

The Eight Traits of Successful Developers: Trait #4

risk_reward.jpgOnce upon a time there was a local developer named Doug. He found property he liked and was well-suited to his product. He did his research on the dirt. He hunted for the problems that might be hidden. He purchased this piece of undeveloped land and felt confident.


The Eight Traits of Successful Developers: Trait #3

This is the second installment in my blog series about the Eight Traits of Successful Developers. In the first post I discussed the first two traits: “Successful developers don’t fall in love too soon” and “Successful developers find the problem.” In this post I will discuss how successful developers understand that consultants must be realists rather than optimists – they must be thorough and candid. This trait is third in the series because I believe it helps developers succeed at trait number two.


The Eight Traits of Successful Developers: Traits #1 and #2

In my 25 years of land development consulting I’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of developers, from small first timers trying to develop the family farm to large institutional developers with dozens of active projects around the country. Within this wide range of developers there are many unfortunate stories of failures, bad projects, and sometimes financial ruin.


The Added Value of Listening

Land development is my passion. I and many of my peers chose civil engineering for a career because we wanted to do work we could be proud of, and land development gives us that feeling. We also recognize that land development adds value to our communities in a variety of ways, such as increased property tax rolls, a greater quantity of real estate inventory that appreciates over time, and the construction of public infrastructure via private investment. Land development is a noble undertaking because it adds value to the places where we live, work, and play.