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Sharing the Advantages of Hydropower [Infographic]

A0151_N3_webviewAs humans and residents of the Northwest we've come to rely heavily on power generated by hydroelectric facilities. As energy consultants employing experts who assist in upgrading and maintaining hydro facilities, we are passionate about the benefits they offer. I'd like to share some thoughts I've compiled of the advantages of this industry.

Below are five tips I've summarized to keep in your back pocket if/when you may be confronted by critics.

I've also shared an infographic with some statistics and facts related to hydroelectricity.

1. It's Renewable

Hydroelectricity uses the energy of flowing water to produce electricity and is the most reliable source of energy available to residents of the Northwest . The reservoirs collect rainwater which can be used for irrigation, reduce vulnerability to floods and droughts but also provide a river transportation highway to transport goods to interior NW regions .

2. It's "Green"

Hydropower is fueled by the abundance of Northwest water so it is a clean source. Generating electricity with hydro energy will not pollute the air like plants that burn fossil fuels.  No airborne waste byproducts are created and it does not contribute to the danger of global warming.

3. It's Reliable and Affordable

Hydroelectricity is very reliable energy. There are very little fluctuations in terms of the electric power that is being generated and distributed.  As fossil fuels are rapidly depleting, hydropower is a more renewable, reliable and affordable resource.    

4. It's Accessible

Hydropower is a domestic source of energy.  We do not have to rely on international fuel sources. Power can be created 24/7 and the water that is used to generate this power is rarely depleted.  The energy in water behind dams and reservoirs can act like large battery banks and this potential energy source can be stored until needed.

5. It's Safe

Compared among other fossil fuels and nuclear energy, hydroelectricity is much safer. There is no fuel involved other than the water iteself.  There are no pollutants released into the air and it can contribute to reducing acid rain and smog.

I'd love to hear how you might respond to critics as well as supporters of hydropower.  Please share by commenting below or sending me an email.  



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