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Wanted: A Few Good Referrals

It’s no secret here at MacKay Sposito that we are big on relationships. It’s fundamental to who we are and how we function on a daily basis. Many of us are here today because we knew someone who was working here and they encouraged us to apply for a position. As the economy has improved and fewer people are looking for work (which is great!) it has made it harder for us to find good candidates for some open spots.   


At the last couple of company lunches we have talked about our current open positions and encouraged everyone to think about anyone they know who would be a good fit. Well, we are still looking and have decided to “sweeten the pot” a little in hopes it will give all of you some additional incentive to help fill these positions.

Be on the lookout next week when we will be sending out an email to all employees with more specifics about our new employee referral bonus program. Maybe you can claim the reward!

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