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Aloha from Courtside!

For a brief time last week a little bit of the islands sprang up at our new Courtside office. What was originally conceived to be a barbeque with burgers and dogs, evolved into a delicious mini-luau with four different varieties of meatballs, pineapple, steamed rice (made in the biggest rice cooker I have ever seen – Thanks Gary Hauser!), and macaroni salad. We wanted to do something to “break in” the new space and invited a few clients and staff from the other office too.


Welcome to Courtside!

We are excited to announce the addition of a new MacKay Sposito office space at the Courtside office building in NE Vancouver. This new space is a welcome addition to our Tech Center office in SE Vancouver. The new space will allow us to expand our accessibility to clients in the Vancouver area and provide much-needed space as we look toward our future of growth here at MacKay Sposito. In addition to work-space, the new building provides two additional conference rooms that will allow us to invite our clients into the office to meet without having to worry about scheduling around the often-packed schedule in our Tech Center office.


It’s Chili in Kennewick!

Last Wednesday the "Chili Dog Express" made an inaugural stop in Kennewick. 


Celebrating 30 Years of Gary Folkerts

In case you haven’t heard, Gary Folkerts celebrated his 30th anniversary at MacKay Sposito last Thursday, April 23rd.