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Access Ability

Last week Jenni and I joined forces to take a trip to Clatskanie, Oregon and check out an access road improvement project that Jon Fulton has been managing. It’s a relatively small stretch of road across private property, but it’s important to our client, and therefore, important to Jon and MSi. Due to limited parking at the project location, we met up with Jon in town and rode together over to the site. It was a short drive but allowed enough time for Jon to give us some background on the project, how it progressed through the design and permitting stages, and how the construction has been going.   


Spending Some Time in DC...

Last week I spent three days traveling to several project sites in eastern Oregon and Washington where MacKay Sposito construction management staff is on the job.  This is the first episode of several that will highlight these projects and the people that are making sure the work gets done right. 


Big Eddy Knight

On a cold, 20 degree day in December I met Luke Young in Goldendale for a tour of the work our Construction Management team is inspecting and managing for BPA. The project, Big Eddy - Knight No.1 is a 500 kV line and is 29 miles in length. It starts at Big Eddy substation in The Dalles, OR and terminates at the Knight substation in Goldendale, WA. The piece of the project I visited is referred to as "Big Eddy Knight Last 14 Miles" because it consists of construction on miles 15-29 (the last 14 miles).

After meeting Vadim Kasko at the project trailer and ensuring I was equipped with the essential safety tools, Luke began our tour.  He introduced me to the representatives from the Contractor and BPA.  I learned a little about Luke and his years of experience inspecting transmission lines across the Country.  I also learned Luke welcomed a new baby this year and was balancing being away from home and getting the work done. Luke is a rare breed - faithfully optimistic  When I quizzed him on how we, corporate MacKay Sposito, can do better, Luke maintained his posture of positivity and thankfulness.  It was quite a treat to spend a couple of hours with Luke while he patiently explained how the 120 foot towers were constructed, how often they climbed to inspect the construction (YIKES) and how much he enjoys his job.


The Yakima River Gateway into West Richland!

We are excited to be working with the City of West Richland's Community Development Department on the Yakima River Gateway project! 

We are partnering with five subconsultants to provide architectural, structural and electrical engineering, environmental permitting and cultural resource services on this project located at the entrance to West Richland at Fallon Drive and W. Van Giesen.