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Access Ability

Last week Jenni and I joined forces to take a trip to Clatskanie, Oregon and check out an access road improvement project that Jon Fulton has been managing. It’s a relatively small stretch of road across private property, but it’s important to our client, and therefore, important to Jon and MSi. Due to limited parking at the project location, we met up with Jon in town and rode together over to the site. It was a short drive but allowed enough time for Jon to give us some background on the project, how it progressed through the design and permitting stages, and how the construction has been going.   


Wanted: A Few Good Referrals

It’s no secret here at MacKay Sposito that we are big on relationships. It’s fundamental to who we are and how we function on a daily basis. Many of us are here today because we knew someone who was working here and they encouraged us to apply for a position. As the economy has improved and fewer people are looking for work (which is great!) it has made it harder for us to find good candidates for some open spots.   


Paying it Forward

Check out this very nice article in the Vancouver Business Journal about our own Lisa Schauer. She sets the "giving" bar high for all of us. Lisa doesn't necessarily like the lights to be shining on her, but this recognition of her ongoing work in our community is quite well deserved.


Pssst…..Tell us your Secret

So last week I asked you all to offer up anything you may be involved with in your community – either currently volunteering or maybe something you’re interested in doing. I was impressed by the number and variety of responses. Obviously, the spirit of giving back is solidly imbedded in our culture here.