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Employee Spotlight: Get to know Earl Morriss, Survey Manager in our Federal Way office

Earl Morriss, PLS, is the Survey Manager in our Federal Way office. He also happens to have a law degree! Later this month, Earl will be speaking twice at the Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon (PLSO) conference, focusing on the statutory and case law related to surveyor liability and legal descriptions.


On the CUSP

Safety is a huge issue in the construction industry, but in the transmission and distribution of electricity safety is given the utmost priority. Even a basic site visit requires review of the daily safety briefing and for good reason if you don’t want to become the “ground”.   


Bombs Away!

At some point in your life you have probably been out on a hike or in remote spot on top of a hill and noticed a big rock precariously perched on the edge and said to yourself “I wonder if that would move?” It’s like the little kid inside you can’t deny the temptation to shove on that boulder and see what happens.  Well, earlier this week on a project in Central Oregon that same scenario unfolded. Just replace the little kid with an excavator and the big rock with a few enormous boulders. 


Working to STEM the Tide

Last week, the Vancouver School District hosted an iTech Preparatory design symposium with students, faculty, and community members. iTech Prep is a major asset to Southwest Washington because it is a STEM school for both middle schoolers and high schoolers. The challenge is the iTech school is split...Middle School is located separate from the High School. Thus, the need for a design symposium to determine how to solve this issue and what the students need.