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On the CUSP

cusp.gifSafety is a huge issue in the construction industry, but in the transmission and distribution of electricity safety is given the utmost priority. Even a basic site visit requires review of the daily safety briefing and for good reason if you don’t want to become the “ground”.   

It’s very important to have knowledge of what to look out for to keep yourself and others around you safe. It takes training and experience to get that knowledge.    

Jacob Howlett, MacKay Sposito’s Quality and Safety Manager, already had a great deal of experience in this arena and last week he took that a step further when he received notification that he has become a Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP) with an endorsement in transmission and distribution.   

To be certified takes a solid understanding of safety standards, incident prevention, and hazard identification as well as operations, human performance, and leadership skills. Jacob had to pass an exam with 130 questions covering all of these areas. Jacobs’ CUSP certification adds to his already extensive safety management resume and our staff, clients, and contractors will all be a little safer because of it.

Congratulations Jacob!!    


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