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Helping Others - It's in Our Blood

In early June, MacKay Sposito conducted our fifth Red Cross blood drive at our Vancouver headquarters. Throughout the morning, our employees, their family members, and employees of nearby businesses literally gave of themselves to help those in need.

Our blood drives have been spearheaded by Land Survey Technician Gary Houser. Gary’s motivation is simple: he knows plenty of people are willing to give blood, but it can be difficult to schedule into a busy workday, especially when travel is required. By organizing blood drives at our office, Gary strives to make it easier for people to donate. His efforts have no doubt impacted many lives in our community. Thank you Gary!

We also want to thank everyone who gave a bit of themselves by donating blood. Here are just a few of our employees who donated. They look pretty happy, don’t they?

Some MacKay Sposito blood donors

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